Rail Project Job Figures Increase

Rail Project Job Figures Increase

The number of direct jobs related to the Honolulu rail transit project continues to increase, HART announced today.

The number of rail jobs in the first quarter of this year grew to 1,427. The quarterly job count includes current contractors Kiewit, Ansaldo Honolulu JV, Nan, various architectural firms working for the project, along with HART staff.
Sixty-one percent of those jobs are local hires, with that number expected to grow as the rail project moves forward, said HART Executive Director and CEO Dan Grabauskas.

“The total number of rail-related jobs has risen and will continue to do so as we award construction contacts for the remaining rail guideway and stations along the alignment,” Grabauskas said. “By next year, the first train cars will also arrive on Oahu for testing along the rail guideway, meaning more people put to work.”

The rail project is projected to reach a peak of 4,000 direct jobs

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