Core Systems Support Services Consultant II

Solicitation Type: Proposal
Advertisement Date: December 19, 2022
Due Date: February 6, 2023 2:00 pm
Solicitation ID: RFP-HRT-2300482
Contact: transitmailbox@honolulu.gov
Status: awarded

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Addendum 1: Posted on Wednesday, January 11, 2023


The Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (“HART”) is a semi-autonomous agency of the City and County of Honolulu (“City”), created pursuant to an amendment to the Revised Charter of the City and County of Honolulu 1973 (“RCH”) to develop, operate, and maintain the Honolulu Rail Transit Project (“HRTP”).
HART is seeking a professional consultant in the field of project management, procurement, design, engineering, environmental, construction management, contract and contract claims administration, operational readiness, and testing oversight for a Core Systems Support Services Consultant (Consultant) for the Honolulu Rail Transit Project (“HRTP”). Such services shall include but not limited to providing professional services during the design, fabrication, installation, testing, and operational readiness of work in relation to Core Systems, and delivery of the HRTP. The Consultant shall provide sufficient qualified staff to perform the services in accordance with the plans and specifications, and all HART established management plans, procedures and practices.
The successful firm must be licensed to do business in the State of Hawai‘i at the time of submission of the Statement of Qualifications to this Notice. Design services must be performed by a person licensed in Hawaii. HART is receiving funding assistance from the United States Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and must comply with the applicable statutory, regulatory, and administrative requirements including FTA third-party contracting requirements. The successful firm shall also comply with the applicable federal requirements.

1.1 HRTP Description 

The HRTP will provide high-capacity rapid transit in the travel corridor between East Kapolei and Ala Moana Center. This corridor includes the majority of housing and employment on O’ahu. The north-south width of the corridor is a maximum of four (4) miles, with the corridor constrained by the Ko’olau and Wai’anae Mountain Ranges to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south.
The HRTP is identified in the Final Environmental Impact Statement (“FEIS”) as the design, construction and operation of a twenty (20) mile grade-separated fixed guideway transit system between East Kapolei and Ala Moana Center. All parts of the guideway will be elevated, except near Leeward Community College where it will be at-grade. The system will incorporate steel wheel-on-steel rail technology. The HRTP includes twenty- one (21) stations, one (1) Rail Operations Center (“ROC”), and eighty (80) light metro vehicles and associated core systems.
The FEIS was released in June 2010 and a Final Supplemental EIS and Amended Record of Decision (“ROD”) were released in September 2013. The FEIS and additional information on the HRTP can be found at: http://honolulutransit.org.

The Project, excluding park-and-ride facilities, is currently separated into three operating segments, as follows:

  • Operation Segment 1 – West Side Stations and Guideway: East Kapolei Station to Aloha Stadium Station.
  • Operation Segment 2 – Airport Guideway and Stations: Aloha Stadium Station to Middle Street Transit Center.
  • Operating Segment 3 – City Center Guideway and Stations: Middle Street Transit Center to Ala Moana Transit Center

HART’s request for a modification of the FFGA scope has been reviewed and considered sufficient at this time for the project to move forward by the FTA. Operating Segment 3 will end at the Civic Center Station, and a fourth operating segment would address the final 1.25 miles of guideway, the Kaka’ako Station and the Ala Moana Center Station in a separate phase of the Project.

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Segment 1 Rail Now Open

For information on rail fares, schedules, safety, and operational questions, visit the Department of Transportation Services website. Skyline Hotline: 808-848-5555

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