HART Posts 150,000 Page Administrative Record


The Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART) announced Tuesday it has posted the full 150,000-page Administrative Record for the public to read and examine in a searchable, user-friendly format.

The Administrative Record, a collection of documents that includes reports, emails, correspondence and other materials related to the federal approval of the project, can be viewed at www.honolulutransit.org. Sixty-eight additional documents totaling more than 5,000 pages were also posted, said Dan Grabauskas, HART’s
executive director and CEO.

“HART is the official source of project information and providing the public with access to this document in its entirety is important,” Grabauskas said. “As the largest public works project in our state’s history, it is imperative that we be transparent, fiscally responsible and responsive.We will continue to share information about the project and increase the amount and type of information made available online.”

CEO Daniel Grabauskas announces the Administrative Record Online.

The Administrative Record, consisting of 14,000 documents, was done in-house in collaboration with the City’s Department of Information Technology (DIT) headed by City Chief Information Officer Gordon Bruce.

“Thanks to the assistance and expertise of Director Gordon Bruce and his staff, we were able to get this done quickly, efficiently and in a manner that best serves the public,” Grabauskas said.

The Administrative Record can be viewed online here or under our project website’s library section at www.honolulutransit.org. (A list of other HART documents recently posted online is also attached to this e-mail.)

Link to Administrative Record

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