In March 2021, a revised estimated cost to complete the project to Ala Moana Center was announced that resulted in a funding shortfall.

There are several ways that the shortfall is being addressed:

  • Internal Cost Reductions:
    HART is exploring ways to improve efficiencies of internal processes, eliminate redundancies and better manage costs, among other things. Recent streamlining of the organizational structure is expected to save $150–200 million over the remaining life of the project.
  • Efficient Construction:
    Ways of reducing construction-related costs are also being evaluated. An example is the decision to implement a shift of a section of the guideway route along Dillingham Boulevard from the middle of the street to the mauka side, thereby eliminating the need to relocate certain utilities. This “mauka shift” is expected to save approximately $150 million.
  • Risk Mitigation:
    Risk reduction actions are being implemented, which is expected to reduce future costs of procurement.
  • Monitoring Current Funding Projections:
    As the State’s economy recovers from COVID-19, we expect our funding projections to improve.
  • Evaluating Contingencies:
    Certain areas of the Project’s current cost estimate includes significant contingencies. As our work progresses, we are continually evaluating our contingency levels to identify potential areas for reduction.
  • Seeking New Funding:
    • Received approval of $70 million in federal COVID relief funds in 2021 to partially address lost revenue due to the pandemic.
      • Discussion with City Administration for potential funding opportunities. Also seeking opportunities from State, Federal and other sources.

We believe that we have achieved a meaningful reduction in the funding shortfall, as we continue to search for additional ways to close the gap and move the Project forward.

Segment 1 Rail Now Open

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