If a situation exists whereby the Project cannot be completed in accordance with the original approved plans (for example, a shortfall in identified funding necessary to complete the Project), a requirement of the Federal Grant Agreement between the City (HART) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) is the submission of a Recovery Plan describing the actions necessary to complete the Project.

Due to an anticipated funding shortfall for the overall Project, HART submitted a 2022 Recovery Plan to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) on June 3, 2022. The 2022 Recovery Plan proposes a truncated project scope with an interim terminus at the Civic Center Station, located at the intersection of Halekauwila Street and South Street, and a deferral of the Pearl Highlands Parking Garage. HART remains committed to completing the full scope of the project to the Ala Moana Transit Center in a subsequent phase of the project. HART is optimistic the Recovery Plan will be approved by the FTA.

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