HART Executive Director and CEO Resigns

HONOLULU, HI — Today, the Board of Directors of the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART) and Dan Grabauskas, the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of HART, announced that Grabauskas has resigned from his position at HART. Grabauskas’s last day in the office is August 18, 2016.

The HART Board and Grabauskas firmly believe in the rail project, and the HART Board continues to be committed to the completion of the 20-mile route to Ala Moana.

Colleen Hanabusa, Chair of the HART Board, said, “We are very thankful to Dan for all of his years of dedicated service to the rail project. The project got off to a strong start because of his energy and enthusiasm. We wish him well.”

Grabauskas said, “It has been an honor and pleasure to have worked on this transformational project for nearly 4 1/2 years. I believe in the project and its importance to the residents of Oahu, and by stepping aside today I hope to allow HART to move forward to ultimate success with fresh leadership. The wonderful HART team has been like a second family to me and I wish all the best for them and the Board in the work ahead.”

The HART Board and Grabauskas have agreed to a separation agreement in which he will be paid $282,250.00.

Segment 1 Rail Now Open

For information on rail fares, schedules, safety, and operational questions, visit the Department of Transportation Services website. Skyline Hotline: 808-848-5555

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