HART 2020 Art Poster Contest

HART is pleased to announce the 2020 Art Poster Contest, an opportunity for all O’ahu high school student artists to showcase their talent. With this year’s theme, “Welcome Aboard Next-Gen Riders,” HART would like high school students to show how enjoyable riding the trains will be. Some amenities to highlight include free wi-fi, air-conditioned trains, and free time to read, study and surf the internet.

The Poster Contest is open to all O’ahu students in grades 9 through 12 attending public, charter, private or home school. The deadline for entry has been extended until May 8, 2020.

See the official entry form for full contest rules.

Entries should be mailed to HART’s office before 4 pm on May 8.

Additional information:

Official Entry Form

2020 Art Poster Contest flyer

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