When will the rail system open to the public?

While HART is tasked with building the rail, the City’s Department of Transportation Services (DTS) is responsible for operations and maintenance of the rail system, including the determination of the opening of service.

When will construction of the rail project be finished?

The current schedule reflects a completion date of 2031 for the completion of the entire 20-mile route to Ala Moana Center, barring any other unforeseen situations. Construction of the first phase of the rail project—from East Kapolei to Aloha Stadium—is essentially complete. It is expected that the Trial Running test phase, which will take a […]

What is the status of the wheel/rail issues?

In early 2021, it was announced that four issues had been identified relating to the wheels and/or the tracks. The four issues were: Incompatibility between the wheels and the “frogs” at the double crossovers, which is where trains can cross from one track to the other. The train wheels are ½” too small, which presents […]

What is the Mauka Shift?

The Mauka Shift refers to a plan to move a section of the rail guideway from the center of Dillingham Boulevard to the mauka side of the street. This mauka shift saves time and money for the project by eliminating the need to relocate certain utilities. Currently there is a complex web of electricity, water, […]

What is being done to close the funding gap for the project?

In March 2021, a revised estimated cost to complete the project to Ala Moana Center was announced that resulted in a funding shortfall. There are several ways that the shortfall is being addressed: Internal Cost Reductions:HART is exploring ways to improve efficiencies of internal processes, eliminate redundancies and better manage costs, among other things. Recent […]

Why is it important that the rail system not stop at Middle Street?

The logistics of Middle Street would simply not allow for a useful, functional system if rail stopped at this location. Despite the location of a large bus transfer center, Middle Street would be inefficient as a rail transfer point for reasons such as: Middle Street is not easily accessible to eastbound buses travelling on Kamehameha […]

Why is it important to get to Ala Moana?

Ala Moana is important as a destination for the rail system because of the Ala Moana Transit Center, which is the City’s largest bus transit center. Currently, more than 1,500 daily bus trips serve that area, compared to about 800 bus trips at the Middle Street Transit Center. At the Ala Moana Transit Center, riders will be […]

What are HART’s plans for moving forward with the project?

HART is still focused on getting the system built to the Ala Moana Transit Center. Because of the revised estimated cost to complete the system, announced in March 2021, there is a funding shortfall that needs to be addressed. However, the goal is still to get to Ala Moana. HART management is working closely with […]