What are the benefits of an elevated guideway?

Benefits of the elevated guideway include an exclusive right-of-way, free from street-level hazards such as cars, pedestrians, bicyclists, and other modes of transportation along the east-west corridor. Grade separation is also necessary to maintain and support the goal of having a consistent and reliable schedule because train vehicles are not subject to street-level congestion, which […]

How do I receive regular Project updates and traffic notifications?

Businesses and community meetings are held monthly for the public to attend and learn more about HART’s ongoing projects. Dillingham Utilities Relocation Update meetings held every fourth Thursday of the month Downtown Utilities RelocationUpdate meetings held every second Wednesday of the month Airport Guideway and Stations Construction Update meetings held every fourth Thursday of the […]

What is the purpose of the Project?

The purpose of the Honolulu Rail Transit Project is to provide high-capacity rapid transit in the highly congested east-west transportation corridor between Kapolei and UH Mānoa, as specified in the O‘ahu Regional Transportation Plan (ORTP) (O‘ahu MPO 2007). The Project is intended to provide faster, more reliable public transportation service in the study corridor than […]

If the rail system stops short of Ala Moana, how will I get to my final destination?

The goal is still for the rail project to reach Ala Moana Transit Center. When the temporary rail system terminus is at the Civic Center Station, enhanced bus service will be provided to get riders to their final destinations. The City’s Department of Transportation Services (DTS) operates TheBus and Handi-Van and will also be operating […]

What is a the status of the Recovery Plan and what does it propose?

On September 30, 2022, it was announced that the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) accepted HART’s 2022 Recovery Plan. The Recovery Plan was required by the FTA to document HART’s plans for the completion of the rail project within the amount of funding that is forecast to be available. With the approval of the Recovery Plan, […]