A hammerhead is a cement “cap” that is built on the top of the rail guideway columns at the location of the rail stations. The hammerhead extends from the guideway column and supports the rail station platforms.

About the cracks in the hammerheads
Cracks in some of the hammerheads were first noticed in December 2018. The Engineer of Record subsequently inspected the cracks and determined the cracks were due to shrinkage, a common occurrence with concrete. A follow-up inspection occurred in 2020.

In early 2022, the hammerheads were inspected again, in anticipation of turning the first operating segment of the Project over to the City’s Department of Transportation Services (DTS). The inspection was performed via drone and the cracks appeared to have widened. In July 2022, more thorough inspections were conducted and measurements of the cracks were taken. 

Next step to address the cracks in the hammerheads
There are four groups of structural engineers involved in determining the cause and the seriousness of the cracks. Currently, independent analyses are being performed. Findings from the analyses are expected in October 2022. Based on the conclusions reached, the original Engineer of Record will determine what remediation is required, which will be independently validated by third-party engineering consultants.

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