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Solicitation #Goods & Services
RFB-HRT-1900810Description: HART Connectivity, Field Office Telephones, and Project Network
Apparent Low Bid: $ 173,142.15
Contact: transitmailbox@honolulu.gov     
  BidderBid Amount
  1) Hawaii Dialogix Telecom$ 173,142.15

RFB-HRT-1900709Description: VIRTUAL DATA ROOM
Apparent Low Bid: $ 96,390.00
Contact: transitmailbox@honolulu.gov     
  BidderBid Amount
  1) Dealigence Inc.$ 96,390.00
       Subcontractor 1 - None ()  

Apparent Low Bid: $ 16,450,000.00
Contact: transitmailbox@honolulu.gov     
  BiddersBid Amount
  1) Genertek Power Industries$ 16,450,000.00
  2) PAC Electric Co., Inc$ 27,385,000.00
Solicitation #Construction
RFB-HRT-1800806Description: Kamehameha Highway Resurfacing (“KHR”) Construction Contract

The technical specifications and drawings are available for pickup at the HART offices located at: 1099 Alakea St., Suite 1700, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

Apparent Low Bid: $ 25,989,989.00
Contact: transitmailbox@honolulu.gov     
  BiddersBid Amount
  1) Road and Highway Builders, LLC$ 25,989,989.00
       Subcontractor 1 - Road and Highway Builders, LLC (Asphalt paving and surfacing)  
       Subcontractor 2 - Road and Highway Builders, LLC (Sewer and drain line)  
       Subcontractor 3 - Road and Highway Builders, LLC (Irrigation and lawn sprinkler systems contractor)  
       Subcontractor 4 - Pural Water Specialty Co., Inc. (Water Chlorination and sanitation contractor)  
       Subcontractor 5 - CMC Steel Fabricators, Inc. dba Associated Steel Workers (Reinforcing steel)  
       Subcontractor 6 - Road and Highway Builders, LLC (Sewer, sewage disposal, drain and pipe laying)  
       Subcontractor 7 - Hawaiian Style Raingutters, Inc. (Gutters Contractor)  
       Subcontractor 8 - Jack Endo Electric, Inc. (Pole and line Contractor)  
       Subcontractor 9 - Teck, Inc. (Flatwork Concrete)  
       Subcontractor 10 - Pacific Isles Equipment Rental, Inc. (Ornamental, guardrail, and fending contractor)  
       Subcontractor 11 - Penhall Company dba Concrete Coring Company of Hawaii (Concrete cutting, drilling, sawing, coring, pressu)  
       Subcontractor 12 - Road and Highway Builders, LLC (Asphalt concrete patching, sealing, and striping)  
       Subcontractor 13 - Jack Endo Electric, Inc. (Electrical)  
       Subcontractor 14 - GP Roadway Solutions (Sign contractor)  
       Subcontractor 15 - Jack Endo Electric, Inc. (Electronic System Contractor)  
       Subcontractor 16 - Road and Highway Builders, LLC (Excavating, grading, trenching)  
       Subcontractor 17 - Ho'onani Landscaping Ltd (Landscaping Contractor)  
       Subcontractor 18 - Ho'onani Landscaping Ltd (Hydromulching)  
       Subcontractor 19 - American Standard Concrete Pumping Hawaii, Inc. (Masonry contractor)  
       Subcontractor 20 - Pacific Preferred Contractors Corp. (Pavement Markings & Stripe)  
  2) Nan, Inc.$ 27,611,860.00