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HART is pleased to recognize our 2018 “Sustainable Transit: Green My Ride” poster contest winners.

Posters were judged based on artistic merit, originality, and incorporation of theme.

Mahalo to all who submitted posters and congratulations to the 12 winners featured below. Their original artwork will be on display at Kapolei Hale through March 30th.


Digital Art Category, 9th/10th Grade

1st Place

Cristen Gadicho

cristen gadicho first 9 10 digital


2nd Place

Hayley Johnson

hayley johnson second 9 10 digital


3rd Place

Willow Otaka

willow otaka third 9 10 digital


Digital Art Category, 11th/12th Grade

1st Place

Kathyana Cabalar

kathyana cabalar first 11 12 digital


2nd Place

Zoe Villaflor

zoe villaflor second 11 12 digital\


3rd Place

Kathry De Los Santos

kathryn de los santos third 11 12 digital



Fine Art Category, 9th/10th Grade

1st Place 

Hailey Garcia

hailey garcia first 9 10 hand


2nd Place

Kananimauloa Moses

kananimauloa moses second 9 10 hand


3rd Place

D'Angelo Mancenido

dangelo mancenido third 9 10 hand



Fine Art Category, 11th/12th Grade

1st Place 

Kian Esmeralda 

kian esmeralda first 11 12 hand


2nd Place 

Maiyah Lieferman 

maiyah lieferman second 11 12 hand 


3rd Place  

Christian Miguel 

christian miguel third 11 12 hand



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